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What is this village like?

We have lived in this village for a number of years and lived in various villages all our lives. I’ve always believed that villages are different. The people in them, make that difference.

For example I would expect in a village, such as ours, for someone to say e.g. Good Morning or hello to a complete stranger they pass on the street. I wouldn’t expect that in a town. I would also expect more consideration and indeed compasion. Whats all this leading to you may ask….

My widowed neighbour was feeling unwell a few days ago and phoned and got an appointment to see one of the Doctors in the village surgery. On her way there, she collapsed in Hyde Meadows. As she was lying on the ground, a woman with a child was passing, apparently my neighbour cried out for help and the woman totally ignored her and walked on.
Now I might be able to understand the behaviour of this woman if there was any indication of drunkeness or if she was likely to be attacked by a young thug; but my neighbour is in her 80s.
She did eventually make it to the surgery, but no thanks are due to anyone else.
So, I ask again; “What is this village like”?