Go directly to Bovingdon Parish Council site The Bovingdon Bulletin Board has been developed to inform residents, ex-residents, future residents or infact anybody about Bovingdon Village and its’ neighbouring hamlets. It is updated by residents and businesses directly, with every society, club or organisation invited to contribute free of charge. All pages can be updated simply, by its’ author with no programming knowledge being necessary. Feel free to post any comments via the sites’ blog. For Parish Council information, go directly to http://www.bovingdon.net. The image is from the Spitefire site. ‘An entire complement of Spitfires Mk. IXC of No. 485 (New Zealand) Squadron lined up at the USAAF Station 112 Bovingdon in Hertfordshire on 30 March 1944’. Bovingdon Bulletin Board Bovingdon Bulletin Board