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What is happening to our village?

Edgware Road, no! Bovingdon High Street.

The old Chinese take-away now kabab and pizza shop

The old Chinese take-away now kabab and pizza shop

24 hours later

Well, that bits gone!

Amongst rumours that Tesco are pulling the plug on the Tesco Express, leaving the old Chiltern Jag site a bombsite, now the High Street is turning into an Urban town centre! Must be some planning needed for this surely? Any comments.

Greyhound social event

Greyhound social event at the Royal Oak, Bovingdon, 2 July 2011

Greyhounds and their owners will be gathering for lunch at the Royal Oak on Saturday.  Why not pop along and meet some of these wonderful, gentle dogs and find out more about giving a loving home to a retired racing greyhound?

Hand of Help?

‘I live on Vicarage Lane and today (Saturday, 11th June) a collection bag was pushed through the letter box. It has all the same markings on it as other charity bags, except this bag isn’t a charity bag. It’s a commercial company with an incredibly misleading appearance.

In my opinion, it would be a shame to give away unwanted items to any other organisation, other than a charity, especially when we have a need represented by premises on the High Street.

The commercial outfit named ‘The Hand of Help Ltd’ state they shouldn’t be confused with ‘The Hand of Help UK Ltd’ (that’s how subtle it is!) and are reviewed in the article below.

 Kind regards,


This secondhand clothes collection operation is a business, run from London by Lithuanians Mindaugas Visockas and Nijole Zemaitiene.

What’s On

If you are hosting a special event in the area, wether a pub, club, school then click on the Post A Comment link below and tell the village what you are doing.

For example:

“As ds will be 5 and it will be summer, i wd like to not worry about guest lists etc and just invite the class (30). Obv not everyone will come, but i know that’s a lot of people. We have a cple of tables i can cover with paper cloths, and I want to do a village fete – so, what stalls wd be good. Plan is, they arrive, wander round the fete and then have some sort of ‘event’ in the arena. Decoration and stall ideas please? Am doing a bran tub full of summer things (sunglasses, plant pots) to go home with at end. Thanks.”

It’s easy, costs nothing and will reach hundreds of people in the area!

Ralph Marshall

Ralph at home in 2000Ralph Marshall, of the Bourne, passed away peacefully at Alexander Care Home on the 24th May, 2011. The funeral is provisionally booked for Thursday  9th at 1pm at Garston – pending the arrival of his two children, Cally and Steven from Australia.

Ralph, 72, was a regular visitor to the Green Dragon and earlier the Halfway House, when he first moved here from St Albans some 25 years ago.