Hyde Meadows 70s

Carol Young remembers Hyde Meadows of the ’70s.

One day last summer I had Susan and Sharman Lewis visit me, between us we tried to name as many of the residents in Hyde Meadows as we could remember, I will try my best to remember as may as I can, Starting with the top of the road with Viv and Michael Lee, Karen and Drew Sinclair, Michael Welling, Gladstones- Dennis,Chris,John,Elizabeth, Freda Spillard,Alan Joiner, Sims- Ian,Anita,Keith and Carol, Rosalind and Norman Wilson, Josephine Gurney, Kenny Beavan and Linda, (they were followed by George Wright and his 2 children Yvonne and Graham), Jays- Stephen,Lorna,Laura, Lewis- Irving, Clinton,Susan,Sharman,Stirling,Trevor, Prentice – Lesley,David,Colin,Derek,Cassidy -Adrian,Brian,Margaret,John and Susan Reed, Roberta and Hugh Bonnick, Bob Tattam and twins Barry and Bobby, Unwins -Sylvia, Colin,Wendy,Isobel,Peggy,Joan, Finals – Rose,Linda,Malcolm, Gill and John Lord, Butlers – Kathy, Patrick and Kevin (went to live in Canada), Sherry Prentice, Dawn Brown, Peter and ?Pam Caine, Roger and Ray Hoar, Conway family, Tarney – Lynda,Heather and Michael, Merridan – Barry,Linda,Julie, Hilda Rogers,Anita Burgin, Welch – Valerie,Wendy,Mary, Helen and Jackie Merridan, Edna and Sylvia Dyke, Dickensons – Michael,Richard,Lloyd John,Bridget, James Higby and sister, on the other side of the road was Sally and George Milam, Sheehy- Brian,Ann,Eileen,Brendan and Maria, Mr & Mrs Croft with her daughter ?Perkins(she was an Avon lady), Strong family-Chris,Tony,Angela,Clive, Marilyn and Robert Biggar, Beverley and Hilary Smith, Veronica Riches, Giddings- Barry,Alan,Graham, Valerie and Ron Tovey, Chris Greenstreet, Mr & Mrs Parsons, Kathy and Freddy Biggerstaff with Kenny, Amanda and Lin Jordan, Mr And Mrs Burgess with Susan, Humphreys – Pat,Heather and Robert, Kennedy Moira and Kevin, Rose, Noel,Bridget and Michael Lawlor, Kendricks, Hendry’s, John Pochinski (Polish John), Mr Monk and Rosemary, Bob Carter + Ron,Michael and Phillip, Vally Beeson, Ocker Smith, Susan? Merridan, Helen Carter.
Other names from the estate that come to mind are Peter and Sheena Atkinson, Chris,Julie and Michael Beeson, Barry,David and Pauline Haysman, Carol, Paula and Michael Burgin, Cyril Perkins and Vernon, Murray Rogers, Mary and Bill Taylor, Alison,George and Caroline Seator, Kevin Symonds, Paul and Yvonne Crofts, Raymond Welling, Ron Smart, Roger,Linda,Denise and Keith Pigg, Terry Wicks, Penny,Dapne and Yvonne Chinn, Nigel and Christine Newton, Eamon and Michael Glennon, Stan,Eileen,Beverley and Tony Welling, Betty and Clive Attard, Susan Keeble, John Gurney, Alan Spurr, Dinah Smart and her boys, Roy and Neil Swaby, Susan Waller, Maureen and Rosalind Dean, Alison and ?Laura Boyd. Sean,Kevin and Raccine Donaldson, Susan Holman, Dawn Brown had 2 brothers – Jeff and Graham, Anita Burgin had a brother Terry, Mrs Gentle, James and Diane Higby, Jennifer (not Susan) Burgess and her brother Clive, Clive and Andrew Smith, Julian Jeffries.

There will be names that I have missed, but I have tried to remember as many as I can!!

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