Smell most foul?

For some time now we have all had to tolerate a smell most foul, (or should that be Fowl?) depending which way the wind is blowing.

The Environment Agency are aware of the issue and are now diligently monitoring it. They have supplied a hotline number for people to ring. Should you smell a nasty niff in the air, please ring the free phone number: 0800 80 70 60. If you don’t want to give your name, you can state that you wish to remain anonymous.

The hotline support team will ask you your postcode and various questions including:

Where do you think the smell is coming from?

How would you rate the smell on a scale of 1 – 6?

How would you describe the smell?

What is the weather like (sunny, cloudy, overcast, still, breeze, windy)?

Have you had to close your windows?

How far are you from the source of the smell?

The hotline support team will then offer to give you a call log reference number. We would be very grateful if you could note it down and post it back on this page, so we can keep a log.  Don’t worry the Environment Agency will never give out anyone’s names or personal information.

Please kindly pass the Environment Agency hotline number to friends and neighbours, who may not have internet access, or be aware that the situation is diligently being monitored by a professional body who can effect change.

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  1. Maureen Edwards

    Hurray, at last something is happening. There’re a number of chicken lorries going to the abattoir in Shantock Hall Lane via Chesham Road every day. Some of them smell dreadful, I notice the smell after they’ve gone past. It only lasts a couple of minutes but why do they smell at all? I’d rate the smell a 6. How do the people who live down the lane cope with it?

  2. M and C Perkins

    We have registered complaints 4 times in the past three weeks. Vile smell has been continuous when wind in the direction from the works. Smell goes from very unpleasant to making you want to vomit.

  3. ourbovingdon

    Hi all, We are the Our Bovingdon group, resonsible for the posting regarding the Smell. We are in regular contact with All the government agencies on this issue, as well as our MP. We have also met with the Environment Agency. If you know who door dropped the excellent info sheet similar to our posting (or were the author), this was a great initiative. Please get in contact with us so we can organise an info sharing session and work together. You can email us at;

  4. OurBovingdon

    @ M and C Perkins: Great that you rang the Hotline! Please continue to do this and kindly to ask your neighbours to ring as well. Many thanks!

  5. OurBovingdon

    @ Maureen Edwards: Hi Maureen, thank you for posting, we want to get as many people involved as possible. Please ring the hotline whenever you smell the smell most foul.

  6. Anon

    The odour only gets worse – more frequent, more antisocial times of the day and stronger. If anyone has the contact details for the local residents association, I would love to talk to them asap. Please feel free to send through on the email or to mark your reply Anon. With thanks in anticaption

  7. Julia

    Contacted the agency this evening, as this is the first time I’d heard of a helpline. They were very good and noted that this is a recurring issue. The smell had reached halfway down Green Lane! Ref: 1282832

  8. don

    they should stop the chicken gut lorry from using box lane or have it changed to a sealed unit. it puts me of my beer in the halfway when it goes passed.

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