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A lift to be installed in Dudley House

A planning application has been submitted for the installation of external single person lift on north elevation and alterations to existing pitched roof to accommodate exit from lift in Dudley house.

Who actually lives in Dudley House now? Anyone know. Thought it was for the old people of Bovingdon.



For interest, below is a more detailed copy of the Land Registry for some of the occupants of Granville Dene, so everyone knows where to park! and where their land extends…







2-18 Granville Dene, Land Registry drawing


Gypsy, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

DDPD: Gypsy, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Site Options Public Consultation

The Chiltern District Council’s Cabinet on Tuesday 27th August 2013 agreed for the Public Participation on Site Options for Gypsy, Travellers and travelling showpeoples accommodation to be carried out as part of the Delivery Development Plan Document (DDPD). The Public Participation consultation will run from 2nd September 2013 to 5pm on the 14th October 2013.

The Buckinghamshire Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment (BTANA), which assesses the need for Gypsies, Travellers and travelling showpeople accommodation in the County is now available on the Council’s website:

”CDC are proposing potential travellers site locations, one of which, Site 6 is just out on the main road but on the Bucks side of the county boundary, located midway between the Whelpley Hill junction and the Jasons Hill junctions of the B4505 – very close to Bovingdon. We want to make sure that Bovingdon are aware and it doesn’t slip under your radar due to it being a Chiltern District Council matter rather than Dacorum. If it were developed it would affect Bovingdon heavily as it is the nearest village with amenities!”

Pudsey – The Movie

PudseySimon Cowell will play a dog in ‘Pudsey: The Movie’ being filmed in Sarratt as I speak. The 53-year-old music mogul is to portray a pooch pal of the loveable canine, who shot to fame with his owner Ashleigh Butler last year when they won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, with his fellow ‘Bgt’ judge David Walliams signed up to voice the titular mutt. A source said: ”It’s the perfect pairing. Simon and David had such great chemistry and banter on Britain’s Got Talent that it makes sense to get them together for the movie. ”If David is voicing Pudsey then who better to play one of his furry friends…
“Virgin Media”.

Bovingdon ‘Fury’

Armoured car outside Bovingdon Chip shop 2013Rumor has it that Brad Pitt took a break from filming on Bovingdon Airfield to get some chips from our local fish and chip shop. (ok, its not really a Sherman Tank).
He has been seen practicing as an American tank commander for a film called Fury – the name of the tank – being filmed on the airfield.  Also stars Shia LeBeouf as one of his crew members.

‘They find themselves behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany (being constructed on the airfield) in April 1945, when the war is coming to its end’.

Due for release 2014.

Rubber Dinghies save 6 Families in Village Flood

..during the storm the Vicar of Bovingdon, died suddenly..

..during the storm the Vicar of Bovingdon, died suddenly..

Thanks to Don Crofts for this cutting from June 1946. Full extract see Pictorial section.

It goes on .. ”During the storm the Vicar of Bovingdon, the Rev. Kenneth Hawkins, died suddenly after taking Evensong in the village church.

”He offered a lift home to one of his parishioners. On the way back to the vicarage a sudden clap of thunder made him feel ill. He went to the house of Dr. Burnett, where he later died.”