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Top Twelve Films shot on Bovingdon Airfield

Top Twelve Films shot on Bovingdon Airfield
In the 1960/70s, Bovingdon was used in the production of four World War II films, The War Lover (1962); 633 Squadron (1964) Hanover Street (1979) and Mosquito Squadron (1969). Although flying ceased at the airfield in 1969, it was also used to film parts of the flying car scenes in the James Bond film ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ starring Roger Moore, when the palm trees fold down as it takes off. The site was also used in the 2016 Star Wars spinoff film Rogue One, representing the planet Scarif.
On television it served as the location for at least one black and white episode of The Avengers “The Hour That Never Was”, starring Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg featuring Gerald Harper and Roy Kinnear as well as the 1980 Blake’s 7 episode The Harvest of Kairos as the surface of the planet Kairos. An airstrip at the airfield is also reputed to have been used in the opening credits of the 1967 television series The Prisoner in which Patrick McGoohan is seen driving a Lotus Super Seven car past the camera at speed. It has continued to be used in various TV shows up to the present day.


The War Lover (1962)
The War Lover a British black-and-white war film directed by Philip Leacock and written by Howard Koch loosely based on the 1959 novel, The War Lover by John Hersey, altering the names of characters and events but retaining its basic framework. It stars Steve McQueen, Robert Wagner, Shirley Anne Field, Ed Bishop and features a young Michael Crawford.
Plot: In 1943, Captain Buzz Rickson (Steve McQueen) is an arrogant pilot in command of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber nicknamed The Body. While stationed in England during World War II, one of the bombing missions is aborted because clouds obscure all potential targets, but Rickson ignores the order to turn around and dives under the clouds. He completes the mission, at the cost of one of the bombers in his squadron and its entire crew. Rickson revels in the fighting and destruction; when he is assigned to drop propaganda leaflets on a later mission, he makes his displeasure felt by buzzing the airfield. His commanding officer tolerates his repeated insubordination because he is the best pilot in the bomber group. Even so, when he asks the flight surgeon his opinion, the latter is uncertain whether Rickson is a hero or a psychopath. However Rickson’s crew, especially his co-pilot, First Lieutenant Ed Bolland (Robert Wagner), trust his great flying skill.

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Extract from Bovingdon School Log Books One Hundred Years Ago


Extract from Bovingdon School Log Books One Hundred Years Ago

Jan 12th A very cold week, Some parents kept their children at home on very cold days, complaining that the main room is insufficiently heated. This certainly is so.

Feb 9th A week of snow & ice. Temperature in main room at 9am Mon 31, Tues 32, Wed 31, Thur 30, Fri 30. Some children are kept at home.

Feb 27th 59 children have joined the War Savings Association.

Mar 16th 13 children absent all the week 10 ill and 2 at farm work.

Mar 30th 9 boys and 9 girls worked in the garden on Friday afternoon. They dug and planted about 5 poles with potatoes. The managers not having provided any potatoes or tools, I have obtained some seed potatoes and the children brought their own tools.

May 8th Finished planting our plots of garden with potatoes on Friday afternoon, Area of garden = 20 poles. Quantity of seed potatoes = 3 bushels.

May 25th Yesterday being Empire Day we had a half day holiday.

In the morning the Head Master gave a lecture to all the children on the Empire and their duties in connection there with specially dwelling on the great deed for economy. The children of both departments afterwards assembled on the play grounds and sang three patriotic songs:- Then saluted the flag and finished with God Save the King. A collection on behalf of the Over-Seas Club realized 19/8.

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Bovingdon History Group

Bovingdon History Group has continued to meet throughout the winter. Our speakers have proved to be popular, attracting 30 to 40 members to each of our meetings. We are grateful to Bovingdon Baptist Church for making us welcome and for the excellent facilities they provide.

Our lectures are usually held on the third Thursday of every month, at 8pm. Exceptions are July and August, when we usually have walks and visits. The meetings are open to members who pay an annual subscription of £12 and also to non-members who pay £2 per meeting. The meetings are advertised in the library and locally.

Bovingdon Care will get you there


can get you there
Just phone 832999


Bovingdon Care is a village-based volunteer service for the elderly, disabled and those not able to use the bus services to get them to where they need to go. This covers appointments to doctors, dentists, hospitals, clubs, shopping and to visit friends etc. All we ask is, if possible, is a reasonable amount of advance notice and a small donation based on 45p per mile to cover expenses.
To use the service, call our Careline on 832999 between 9.30am and 12.30pm Monday to Friday, and you will be connected directly to the coordinator on duty that day. Tell them your requirements then they will arrange a volunteer driver for you and phone you back with the details. Transport is normally available every weekday during reasonable hours. However, if you have an unusual requirement, perhaps at less sociable hours or maybe further afield, please do ask us as we may have an available volunteer.


If you are interested in joining us please call me, Richard Gardener, on (01442) 833674, 07860 811154 or email


Double Yellow Lines in Village

HCC proposes to implement new ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ (double yellow lines) restrictions on specified lengths of Chesham Road, High Street, Hempstead Road and Newhouse Road, Bovingdon.

These measures are being proposed to facilitate the free and safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians and to avoid prevent the likelihood of any such danger arising. The drawing below shows the detail and extent of what is proposed.