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Bovingdon Market has confirmed its final day of trading

Bovingdon Market has confirmed its final day of trading at Bovingdon Airfield will be August 29. However, operators say they are hoping to find a new location that will keep the market running beyond that date.

itv studios

ITV Studios Bovingdon is a very large, purpose built filming stage with unusually generous clearance height, concrete floor capable of bearing significant load and exceptionally large external space. It comes with a Production Office, Dressing Rooms, Makeup & Hair Room along with Medical Rooms. Mains power of 1.25MW is available plus a 1/Gbs Fibre connection provided by NEP Connect who can provide HD-SDI transmission circuits via BT Tower using this circuit.

Pedestrian Crossing on Chesham Road

Pedestrian Crossing on Chesham Road

The Parish Council is aware of the situation with the removal of the pedestrian crossing on Chesham Road and we are currently in discussion with Dacorum Borough Council and Herts County Council regarding this matter.  We have been informed by Herts County Council  that before the permanent signals can be commissioned and turned on, the contractor needs to complete the road surfacing and line marking.  These works will need to be done under a road closure and this is being organised for the 28 and 29 October and the permanent signals will be operating from the end of October.


FILMING AT BOVINGDON AIRFIELD – Friday the 16th August from 0900 until 23.00
We are planning to film part of a large scale movie about a comic book character on the Bovingdon airfield.
Friday the 16th of August from 09.00 until
Various crew and crew vehicles will be arriving on site early on the morning of the 16th in order to prepare for the filming which will take place between 21.00 and 23.00. The filming includes fireworks and a camera drone.
Thankyou for your patience, your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact either myself or my colleague on the details provided below.
Simon Cullen – Studio Unit Manager ‘Magic Hour’.

Dulux cycle ride through Bovingdon

Be aware, the Dulux round London 300km cycle ride, with up to 2,500 riders, will be coming to Bovingdon. The 2nd stage is ridden on Sunday 12 May, and part of the course will be coming into the area via Chesham, Ley Hill, Bovingdon along Green Lane and the Chipperfield Road, to Chipperfield and on to Kings Langley. The map below shows the route, probably in the morning.