Revd Tim Marshall

Vicar ob Bovingdon 2010Following the sad lost of our Vicar Tim Marshall, a memorial service was held at St Laurence Church On Sunday 24th October at 3pm.
Tim Marshall, Vicar of St Lawrence Church, Bovingdon, passed away from pancreatic cancer on Tuesday, September 14, 18 weeks after his diagnosis.

Aged just 57, he leaves behind his wife Anne Marshall, 55, daughter Zoe, 29, and sons Toby, 27, and Joel, 16.

Mrs Marshall, 55, of Vicarage Lane, said: “Tim was a wonderful and warm person, who had time for everyone. We held his funeral for family and friends on September 28, but I felt it was important to hold a memorial service to mark Tim’s life, he was a wonderful, generous man, who loved to preach.”


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