Local Knowledge Quiz – 2011

1a. BOVINGDON Fire Station closed, despite waves of protest by local fire-fighters and their supporters.
What year was this?

2a. In 1959, whilst living in Chipperfield, he played the part of Fred Kite, a tough-talking union shop steward. He also owned an outlandish mechanical elephant
Who was he?

3a. Name the pub which stood at 44 Pudds Cross?

4a. The Bobsleigh Inn on Box Lane, was the Bovingdon Country Club until 1964.
It was renamed because of whom?

5a. The Three Rivers District is named after which three rivers?

6a. Graham Frederick Young was a local serial killer. He was notable for his obsession with the use of poison. He worked as a quartermaster at John Hadland Laboratories.
In what year was he arrested?

7a. Who was the first contestant to be knocked out of last years Strictly Come Dancing show?

8a. This Village was known as Isenhampstead until the middle of the thirteenth century, What is it now known as?

9a. Many American film stars visited Bovingdon during WWII including Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich and of course Glenn Miller.
From where did Glenn Miller take off on his last flight, 66 years ago?

10a. From the crossroads at the Halfway House, I drive in a north-easterly direction for 2 miles. What pub will I be outside?

I’ll publish the answers in a week or so under comments. Happy New Year.

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