Caravan site in Bovingdon

How many have read this planning application as published in The Hemel Gazette this week? Zoom in, and hidden under application 01185/13/lbc (somebody changing their staircase) is

As reported locally -

Not too many I suspect. It reads as:

Planning Application: 4/01343/13/Ful Go search this application, the link may not work because you need to agree to terms and conditions.

Change Of Use Of Land To Use As A Residential Caravan Site For 8 Gypsy Families, Each With Two Caravans And A Utility Building, Including The Laying Of Hard standing, Land West Of Bobsleigh Hotel, Hempstead Road, Bovingdon. Exactly where? Here is a proposal from 5 years ago:

The Scott Wilson report puts the site on Bovingdon Airfield (voted top site) adjacent to Chesham Road with access via Molyneux Avenue, first left, where the Banger racing used to be and the control tower. However its planned to be in the field right (facing) of the Bobsleigh.

Please login to the Dacorum Planning Portal and verify and comment on this proposed plan.


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