new Battle of Britain pictures

Thanks to Ray Noble for the pictures taken on the airfield during the making of the Battle of Britain in 1968. (see airfield)

‘Can confirm that was Bovingdon and yes it is the control tower. The Aircraft were Spanish built and ex Spanish airforce. The Stuka is a mock up and not original. No flying examples existed after the second world war. To the best of my knowledge to date there are still no restored flying examples. However you could confirm this on line. What I can tell you is all Aircraft I have seen in the flesh and they are from the film the Battle of Britain released in 1969 but filmed in 1968. In fact last feature of many to be filmed at Bovingdon. ‘

Carol Young remembers Hyde Meadows of the ’70s.

One day last summer I had Susan and Sharman Lewis visit me, between us we tried to name as many of the residents in Hyde Meadows as we could remember, I will try my best to remember as may as I can, Starting with the top of the road with Viv and Michael Lee, Karen and Drew Sinclair, Michael Welling, Gladstones- Dennis,Chris,John,Elizabeth, Freda Spillard,Alan Joiner, Sims- Ian,Anita,Keith and Carol, Rosalind and Norman Wilson, Josephine Gurney, Kenny Beavan and Linda, (they were followed by George Wright and his 2 children Yvonne and Graham), Jays- Stephen,Lorna,Laura, Lewis- Irving,

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Stormtrooper takes break from filming

Stormtrooper seen eating Keebab in Bovingdon

Stormtrooper seen eating Keebab in Bovingdon

Filming for the first planned Star Wars Anthology film, Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One, is officially underway as the press has aerial photos of some of the cast members on set (in some very familar garb) on location at Bovingdon Airfield. Included in the photos – seen in the and Daily Mail – is what appears to be an Imperial craft and other background structures.

Contrary to what is stated in the article, these photos were taken on location at Bovingdon Airfield, not Elstree Studios. And they are for scenes in Rogue One, not for The Force Awakens.

Bovingdon Brickworks

For all those residents that have not been notified (which is many) Bovingdon Brickworks have submitted a planning application to develop a new quarry.

The location is on the farm fields that sit between Shantock Hall Lane and Shantock Lane. For those of you who know the area it is the two fields that run either side of the Public footpath between the afore mentioned roads with an area of 16+ hectares

The plan is to extract the clay over a period of 19 years, reducing the overall existing level by 2m and returning it (eventually) to arable / wet land.

The existing and new sites will initially be quarried at the same time.

A new access road will be created across Shantock Hall Lane via a new haulage road running into the woodland (former Quarry)

Residents live around the entire perimeter of this proposed site.


For those wishing to raise comment this must be lodged with the planning department by no later than the 26th August 2015.