The Rover Bus

316 Chesham to Hemel hempstead


Susan Jarman 316 bus from Hemel Hempstead to Chesham

Anna Knight Oh boy do I remember this one! The day we moved into Bovingdon from Chesham, I had to go to school as per normal, but catch the bus back to Hempstead Road. I didn’t get off the bus and went all the way to Hemel Bus station where my mum had phoned through to find out where I was. When I was eventually dropped off on the return journey, the driver let me keep my 3d.

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  1. Keith Bovingdon

    I’m leaving this reply to the latest post as I myself cannot make a new post. Just wondering if the village was named after a family named Bovingdon. My surname is Bovingdon and I live in Canada. We’re planning a trip to England next summer and I’ve known about your town for years and always thought it would be neat to come to the place that I share my family name with. Have to get a picture of a town sign with me and my family!

  2. Len Jones

    It is not a Rover bus in this photograph. It is a London Transport 316.

  3. Robbie Burns

    Just to let the good folk of Bovingdon know that Red Rose will no longer operate the 353 service on Sundays.12/02/17 will be the last day of operation.From 19/02/17 Carousel will operate the 730 on Sundays. The first bus from the Memorial Hall to Hemel will be at 07.40am then hourly until 4.40pm.The buses will leave the same point at 08.16am to Chesham then hourly until 5.16pm. Buses will only operate to Chesham not Amersham.

  4. S Jones

    Another bit of good local bus news: the ticket zones for Hemel PlusBus (combined train + bus) and Hemel Hempstead BUSnet (multi-operator daily bus ticket) have both been expanded to include Bovingdon and Flaunden. See for details.

  5. stephen saunders

    Hi I am 74 now and just stumbled on this site,i lived in Chesham vale rise and used to ride the rover when I I was a very young lad, always rode with a driver called Des,also remember sitting on the fence at the end of the runway watching the planes usaf ,wow memories ..

  6. stephen saunders

    always rode Chesham to hemel ..

  7. Chris chandler

    Years ago, my dad and I sold coaches. I was given an old fire extinguisher from the owner of Rover bus that came from the old airbase as I collect WW2 memorabilia.
    His dad, gave a lift to an American one day back to the base and the American suggested he should buy a bus as many Americans would be wanting lifts to and from the old airfield. The rest is history as they say. The American had no money at the time and the next day gave him some sugar as a thanksyou. The extinguisher is now on my old Jeep

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