The Royal Oak – Bovingdon Green

I’m sad to publish this email from RSK Leisure: –

The Royal Oak back in 2000‘On Monday 16th April, we ceased to trade at the pub, following a breakdown in our relationship with our new Landlord – it became apparent, almost from the day he bought the Freehold, that our time at the pub could be limited. The Landlord has effectively managed us out of our business, through implementing more obscure aspects of the lease. We only took the decision to cut our losses and move on last weekend, and leave behind some amazing memories of our time at the pub.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom, and wish you well for the future.
Sel & Rob’

Can anybody list all the previous Landlord/ladys since the WWII?


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  1. Derek Thompson

    Sorry To See Sel & Rob Leave The Royal Oak.
    A Friendlier Couple You Couldn’t Wish To Meet.
    When We Moved To Bovingdon Nearly 2 Years Ago They Made Us Feel Welcome & Became Good Friends.
    We Wish Them Well In Their Endevours And Hope That The New Owner Will Keep The Pub As It Is.

  2. JohnF

    Such a shame, what’s next run down and turn into an overpriced house?

  3. Mike Illing

    The only landlords I can recall in my time drinking at the Royal Oak were; Ian and Jan, Lewis and Brenda and the last time I drank there it was owned by a Mr Rammage. I’m afraid that’s all I can recall. Hope it helps a little.

  4. alisonD

    I just remember using the off licence at the back when out riding the ponies aged about 13. One would hold whilst the others went in to buy Gummie Bears, flying saucers and Liquorice. Lately loved the place as a dog friendly pub with great quality food and service. Such a shame 🙁

  5. Amanda Parker

    I am so sad to hear that these lovely people have left the pub. They really tried hard at it and did wonders to it’s appearance. There was good quality food and always a very warm welcome and a smile. I wish Rob and Sel all the best for their future.

  6. James Penlington

    Hi, My name is James and I operate The Royal Oak nr Bovingdon Green in Buckinghamshire. Does anyone know how I can contact Sel & Rob or would be willing to pass on a message? I can be contacted via the pub. Many thanks. James

    • Nigel Loli

      Hi James, I am in the process of buying The Royal Oak and I would very much like to get in touch with Sel & Rob. If you were able to get in touch with them could you let me have there detail or pass mine on to them. Many thanks. Nigel

  7. Kevin Allen

    Well – almost 2 months on, the Royal Oak looks very sad. I fear that the new owner is playing the predictable game of letting the buiding run down until we, the local residents, ‘welcome’ the conversion into new houses! The Royal Oak was, for us, an important local asset and Bovingdon appears to have lost one of its few decent places to eat and socialise.

  8. Derek Thompson

    Any Change Of Use To The Royal Oak Should Be Objected To By Local Residents As It’s Pretty Obvious That The New Owner (Who Apparently Is A Builder. SUPRISE , SUPRISE) Is Out For A Quick Buck. The Village Has Lost Enough Of It’s Heart & With The Introduction Of Tesco & The Kebab House Local Counsellors Should Take Note That The Voters Will Only Take So Much.

  9. Bill & Anne Wilby

    Absolutely “gutted” to see the Royal Oak closed when we returned from holiday. Sel & Rob always made us welcome and were doing such a great job there. We wish them well and will do our utmost to track them down.
    Let’s hope the locals will object to any new buildings going up in the pub’s place.

  10. John Dent

    Frank and Mabel Joiner were the Landlord and Landlady of The Royal Oak possibly during the war, and into the 1960’s. This was of course the old Royal Oak berfore it was rebuilt.

  11. Teresa

    Does anyone know what is happening to the pub as I passed the pub today and there was a sign saying ‘save our pub’ on the closed sign. Have checked the planning and there is nothing applied for

  12. Sophie

    Apparently the landlord is planning on getting permission from the council to get the pub turned into a house then sell it for a tonne, we’ll probably hear about petitions etc at some point:’)

  13. Mike Welling

    It’s interesting to read about “my old village. I lived in Bovingdon from the 1950’s to the ’70’s, in Hyde Meadow.
    I remember the Joiners’ owning the Royal Oak. What a pity it’s closed. Hope the owner doesn’t get permission to build a house.
    The village has changed since I lived there. I now live in Dorset. Houses now stand in fields I played in a as a kid.
    What a shame the High Street has become a “car park”

  14. Emma

    You may like to know that there is now a planning application to change the Royal Oak into a dwelling house.
    It is possible to make a comment/objection about this application by going to the Dacorum Planning website, and search for application number 4/01817/12/FUL
    (go to and when viewing the application, there is an option under consultation where comments can be made)

    **There is a closing date of 26th October to comment**

  15. Tom

    Hi everyone, I have just heard that there has now been a planning application to change the use of the Royal Oak from a “vacant” public house to a dwelling house. I hope people will object to this as it would be another lost amenity in the village!
    I heard that the same man bought the Cock pub in Sarratt and wanted to do the same thing there, but was turned down and he had to turn it back into a pub (hope for us there?)
    Anyway, if people want to object, the application number is 4/01817/12/FUL, and you can write to Dacorum Borough Council, or go to thier website at and search the planning applications there.
    Does anyone think it is worth talking to the Parish Council about this…?

  16. Tony Browne

    Seen today 18th October 2012,the owner has now put in for planing permission for a change of use to a house, no more local pub for us dog walkers,just a posh house ,Happy Days,I for one will be puting in an objection to the council.

  17. Kevin Allen

    I guess the inevitable has happened and the new owner of the Royal Oak wants to turn it not a house.
    Apparently the same individual bought the Cock in Sarratt several years ago. His application for planning permission to build houses was turned down – he still owns the pub but has had to lease it to a brewery.
    This is a test for th residents of Bovingdon – do we want to avoid further erosion of the soul of our village. Or are we up for a fight to achieve the same as the Sarratt residents several years ago?

  18. Shaun Burgin

    I have written an article on the history of the Royal Oak, from its beginnings as a grocers shop in the 1830s, with a list of old landlords. If people are interested, it is going to be published in the November issue of the “Bovingdon Local Magazine”.

  19. Karen Bosher

    This application is a disgrace. Residents may attend the Parish meeting on the 5th Nov to express their concerns. Worrying precidents will be set should this be allowed to go ahead and a resource for the community lost. I agree with the previous post that it is important for residents to start taking a more active role in protecting and enhancing the environment and lifestyle of our community before we become a meaningless extension to the Hemel Hempstead catchment. This pub represents a further degeneration of local community and village lifestyle should it be approved and our Parish council need to take heed and listen to those who pay and vote them into office.

  20. Derek Thompson

    Hopefully You Will Have Seen The “Save The Royal Oak” Petition In The Local.Newsagents. It’s Vital That This Local Landmark Is Saved. We Have Already Lost The Wheatsheaf To Housing Conversion The Bull Is Supposed To Be Going The Same Way. This Leaves Just The Bell As A Decent Local (I’m Not Including The Halfway House Because They Never Seem To Have A Decent Range Of Drinks There) This Pub Is An Asset To The Village. Don’t Let It Be Ruined By An Unscrupulous Property Developer Who Just Eants A Quick Profit.

  21. steve

    Had the ‘locals’ who are now so concerned, showed the same level of concern when it was a pub, then it would not be in the situation it now is.

    How many of the residents of Bovingdon Green actually used the pub, when it was available to them.

    • Rose

      “Had the ‘locals’ who are now so concerned, showed the same level of concern when it was a pub, then it would not be in the situation it now is. How many of the residents of Bovingdon Green actually used the pub, when it was available to them.”

      What rubbish! The pub was very well used by locals and others who travelled from much further afield to sample the excellent food and warm welcome from Rob and Sel. It was always busy and we used to go in there a lot. We really miss it and sincerly hope that someone will want to take it on. Although I have a feeling that the owners are set on turning it into a house and are simply going through the motions of trying to find someone to take the lease as I understand they have been criticised for not trying hard enough to get new tennants. Such a pity.

  22. George

    The pub was mainly patronised by Bovvy people from down in the town, a lot of the dads from Bovingdon football club would go there. If planning permission goes through let us hope something is built in keeping with the Bovingdon Green houses and residents like a nice block of flats.

  23. George

    Tried the kebab place for the first time since it opened . . wish I had’nt .. not sure how anyone can make something as simple as a Pizza so unrecognisable .. good luck

  24. Steve

    Does anyone know the outcome of the planning application yet??

  25. Kevin Allen

    The planning application was declined by the Development Committee of Dacorum Council. A strong case for declining the application was put forward by a group of Bovingdon residents, the Parish Council and two Dacorum Councillors.
    Where the Royal Oak goes from here remains to be seen, but I sincerely hope that the pub can be reopened and thrive as a community asset. I am quite sure that with some investment plus an entrepreneurial landlord, the Royal Oak will be again be a viable business.

  26. leigh hewlett

    Although the planning application for the Royal Oak was declined, I have had a look at the planning application: 4/01817/12/FUL on the Dacorum borough council’s website and it doesn’t look good for the pub, if you read all the blurby old nonsense some so called expert has come up with.
    I would suggest the locals objecting make as much publicity about it as they can, maybe in local papers etc and I believe especially make a point that if this public house is apparently not economically viable despite a huge ammount of local people believing passionately in it, then it would suggest that one of the major causes to blame for this is the government, with their ever increasing beer tax, as well as the obvious alterior minded greedy landlords (the Cock Inn, Sarratt). I believe these are major reasons why so many pubs end up as apparently not economically viable, especially rural pubs. On the council website it mentions the other pubs roughly within a two mile radius but I wouldn’t be suprised if most of these pubs are struggling to survive unfortunately.

  27. Dave

    I wouldn’t mind having a go at running it as a pub again but suspect the landlord doesn’t want this.

  28. Derek Thompson

    Does Anyone Know What The Outcome Of The Owners Appeal Against The Decision Was. All I Know Is That The Meeting Was On 9/4/2013. The Reason Sel & Rob Had To Go Was The Owner Nearly Trebled The Amount He Wanted From Sel & Rob. Goes To Show What A Moneygrabbing Toerag This Guy Is.

    • leigh hewlett

      I don’t know what the meeting was that you mentioned but the case officer recommended the application for approval ages ago so I would think it could mean bye bye pub. It makes me laugh when she mentions there are plenty of pubs nearby, she even mentions the Bull, what a cheek. She must think that it’s fine for elderly people to trudge for miles to the nearest pub, or perhaps she thinks everyone drives, she’s not very green then. She also must not believe in powers to the local community as she doesn’t agree with the 50 or so number of people who want to keep the pub.

  29. Derek Thompson

    Just An Additional Thought. If This Mr Powers Gets His Way Where Next Will He Strike. Wouldn’t Suprize Me If He Had His Eye On Somewhere Like The Green Dragon.

  30. Derek Thompson

    Lets Hope The Appeal Found In Favor Of Those Who Want This Pub Re-opened But The Advert On The Agents Site Says He Wants £4000 Per Month. Can’t See Anyone Being Able To Pay That And Make A Resonable Profit. With The Bull Also Going It Doesn’t Give The Locals Much Choice In The Village. The Bell Or The Halfway House. I Know Which One I Prefer.

  31. leigh hewlett

    I hope the appeal was in favour of the Pub being kept as a pub. One thing I believe is obvious to most is that if this Powers guy had decent intentions from the start, then every step that he has taken from the outset would have not very much suggested otherwise, like it has done.

  32. leigh hewlett

    with regards to my previous comment, I would like to say more about things I have heard about Mr Powers that I believe are true but I don’t want to open up a can of worms. Hence why my comments are rather non specific. Also That case manager from the council wanted the pub closed despite over 60 people objecting to it. Does that not seem to anyone a bit similar to that county council idiot who decided it was a good idea to let tescos get the go ahead despite most people in the village being against it, (does anyone remember how many?) was it 90% or more. He probably retired after that and the village still has to bear the consequences of that derelict eyesore/ danger zone economic hole in the local economy. Nice that!

  33. Boyd Waz

    Is it right parish council discussing the airfield on 13 May 2013, 18.00?

  34. JT

    To all concerned.
    I looked into the opportunity of reinstating TRO back into a throving public house yesterday 16/05/2013 and discovered that Mr Powers’ appeal has been successful for change of use, so the likelihood is that development will be under way once planning permission for residential property (ies) has been completed. Looked an interesting proposition to make the pub great again, but there you go.
    If only we’d known about it’s pligt in February or earlier, we might have been able to do something about it.

  35. leigh hewlett

    What a shame, I don’t want to sound naive but is that definitely it then for the pub, can it not ever be used as a pub again even if he changes his mind? That is unlikely i know and you may laugh. It just seems such a shame if you reckon you could have done something about it.

  36. leigh hewlett

    Just one last thought to anyone who may read this who was/ is part of the action group, did the councilor Gbola Adeleke write to Mr Eric Pickles like he said in the Watford Observer article? If it is too late for the Oak then maybe it might help to bring an end to this trend with pubs up and down the country, although I know it is hard to believe after what has happened.

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