Bovingdon Airfield?

I am pleased to correct this story (see replies) as ” Bovingdon’s New Airfield” – the heading was ofcourse incorrect – it  is not a New Airfield,  it is not Bovingdon’s New Airfield its an old airfield and any application is not to re-open the airfield, but for continued use as an airfield and not as implied earlier. I applogise for any confusion on this matter.

An application for a Certificate of Lawfulness has been made by the owners of Berry Farm  and a decision is rumoured within the next couple of weeks.

More on this on the Dacorum website

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  1. Bob

    Perhaps they could put the new Tescos there as well.?

  2. Paul Webb

    Dear Sgt. Wilson.

    RE: CLEUD. 4/00048/12/LDE.

    Forgive me for not knowing who you are or where you are based but I assume you are a member of the local police force. If so, you are no doubt aware of the mass hysteria created by certain persons who hold a personal unjustified vendetta against the Webb family, owners of Berry Farm. The problem originates by one local family who lost a legal battle concerning a Right of Way that leads into our farm and in retaliation the person made an unjustified complaint to Dacorum Borough Council in connection with our use of the Berry Farm Runway. The Council investigated and whilst the complaint was not upheld, we were made to apply for a CLEUD. This is an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness. Not a Planning Application to develop Berry Farm into a 2nd Biggin Hill, as local Residents have been lead to believe by the malicious rumours and anonymous flyers that have circulated the village over past months.

    It is wrong of you to say; “ Bovingdon’s New Airfield ” It is not a New Airfield, It is not Bovingdon’s New Airfield, it is a private airstrip. Plus, referring to the documents posted on the website; where you say; “They make interesting reading and are of great interest to all, Bovingdon and Whelpley Hill residents alike”. The use of our runway has never been “of great interest to all” so why should it be any different now ?

    Before you published incorrect information it is regretful you did not investigate the matter and then base your opinion on correct facts. What you have done is simply added fuel to the fire caused by the actions of the poison pen pusher.

    Berry Farm Runway is a private airstrip where we operate a Eurostar Microlight from. This particular aircraft has a maximum db rating of just 60. ( For comparison, a ride on lawn mower has a db rating of anything between 90 – 110 db. An aircraft passes overhead in less than a minute and then it has gone. A mower continues for hours at a time and a large majority of the detached properties in the Whelpley Hill area have ride on lawn mowers.

    You are invited to visit Berry Farm and see our aviation activity for yourself. You will then know that there is no justification for any cause for complaint and anyone who says different is simply assisting the vendetta. This invitation is also open to any locals should they wish to know the true facts of the matter. We have submitted evidence to the Council to prove our Runway has been continuously used over the past 10 years and that is all we need to do to obtain a Certificate. It will continue solely as a private airstrip as it has always been and local Residents alike should not be concerned.

    We hope you accept our invitation and we look forward to answering any questions you may have. We trust you will then be in a position to correct the record and publish a retraction concerning the misleading information that you have already published.

    Yours sincerely,

    Paul & John Webb.

  3. Paul Webb

    28 May 2012.

    Dear Sgt. Wilson,

    RE: CLEUD. 4/00048/12/LDE.

    In our haste in writing to you yesterday, we omitted to mention an important fact, you state; “Applications for the re-opening of a part of Bovingdon Airfield have now been submitted, along with appeals, new submissions and a decision is due within the next couple of weeks”.

    We should have made it more clear to you in our 2nd paragraph that our ‘CLEUD’ (Application for Certificate of Lawfulness, ) is not as you describe, and as you have publicised for the world to see, it is what it says it is; ‘A Certificate of Lawfulness’ ( confirming the use over the past 10 years ). There is no question of re-opening a part of the Bovingdon Airfield, our part of the original Airfield has never been closed !

    If you are personally against our CLEUD Application we can understand why you have knowingly published on the internet misleading information. If this is true, this puts you in the same category as the author of the anonymous flyers. If on the other hand your views are impartial, then you have acted grossly negligent especially if you are a police officer and employed to keep the peace. ( The only reason why we have not yet taken legal action against the author of the anonymous flyers for libel, slander, and defamation of character, is because our lawyer has not traced the perpetrators’ yet. )

    We urgently request you make arrangements to meet us ASAP so that we may be sure you have all correct facts to hand to allow you to post a retraction, and relay the situation to the public with the correct information. You also have the option to check with the Case Officer, Mr. Philip Stanley at Dacorum Borough Council who we are confident will verify what we have told you.

    Please call ASAP as the sooner your wrongful actions have been corrected the better. Giving you the benefit of any doubt, possibly without realising, you may have simply added to the ‘scaremongering’ that has been spread around Bovingdon and Whelpley Hill and the issue must be addressed urgently.

    Yours sincerely,

    Paul & John Webb.
    Berry Farm. 07941 946611.

    Cc. Blackstone Solicitors.

  4. Bob

    Application for a Lawful Development Certificate has been refused and the Council is able to take enforcement action over this new and recent use of the Berry Farm runway.

    Officers Report for Planning Application – 4/00048/12/LDE can be viewed at the above link.

  5. gary

    Aggressive behavior has been recorded on an iPhone from paul and his dad and is being passed onto the local police

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