The torch comes to Bovingdon?

Don’t get too excited, but the Olympic torch is coming: July 8th. See

Possible route through Hemel and maybe Bovingdon?We’ve got: Rachel Gower and Aidan Pimm from Hemel, along with David Butler (Kings Langley), Ella Beaumont (Berko) – good luck guys – then Fiona Devine (Windsor); Gareth Baker (Aberdare – wherever that is); James Hull (no town); John Barton (no town, but in Kuala Lumpur); Katherine Deal (London somewhere); Lesley Birchall (Middle something); Mandy Jinkerson (Royston); Mark James (another Middle something); Patrick Killian (Durham); Don't know who he is.Peter Statham (High Wycombe); Sharon deSilva (Saltcoats – Google it – Ayrshire, wherever that is); Sue Lloyd (er hometown: Gibraltar); Tamsin Addison (High Wycombe, again).

Names have yet to be put forward for the Bovingdon section. Any ideas?


Making your own Olympic torch - could be worth £20 grand or more.

Making your own Olympic torch - could be worth £20 grand or more.

Did anyone else look at The London 2012 Olympic Torch and think that it looks like a giant cheese grater?

Here’s how to make your own torch Blue Peter style:

What you need:
Kitchen roll tube
Toilet roll tube
Lots of tin foil
Yellow and orange paper or card
Glue and sellotape

See for full instructions.

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