The torch comes to Bovingdon?

Don’t get too excited, but the Olympic torch is coming: July 8th. See

Possible route through Hemel and maybe Bovingdon?We’ve got: Rachel Gower and Aidan Pimm from Hemel, along with David Butler (Kings Langley), Ella Beaumont (Berko) – good luck guys – then Fiona Devine (Windsor); Gareth Baker (Aberdare – wherever that is); James Hull (no town); John Barton (no town, but in Kuala Lumpur); Katherine Deal (London somewhere); Lesley Birchall (Middle something); Mandy Jinkerson (Royston); Mark James (another Middle something); Patrick Killian (Durham); Don't know who he is.Peter Statham (High Wycombe); Sharon deSilva (Saltcoats – Google it – Ayrshire, wherever that is); Sue Lloyd (er hometown: Gibraltar); Tamsin Addison (High Wycombe, again).

Names have yet to be put forward for the Bovingdon section. Any ideas?


Making your own Olympic torch - could be worth £20 grand or more.

Making your own Olympic torch - could be worth £20 grand or more.

Did anyone else look at The London 2012 Olympic Torch and think that it looks like a giant cheese grater?

Here’s how to make your own torch Blue Peter style:

What you need:
Kitchen roll tube
Toilet roll tube
Lots of tin foil
Yellow and orange paper or card
Glue and sellotape

See for full instructions.

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  1. Rosmerta

    Its great that the relay is coming to Hemel, but is it really coming to Bovingdon? Its not on the official website but it would be great if it was!

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