Bovingdon Conservation Area

apropos of nothing the following document was produced by the Conservation & Design Team, Dacorum Borough Council in 2009. Dr James Moir researched and wrote the document.

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  1. david wasley

    Spencers Farm Research ref – circa 2008

    If possible I would like to hear more from the author
    who posted an enquiry concerning a book/pamphlet
    on Spencers farm cottages / Leyhill.
    I am also deeply researching this site at cow-croft
    formerly the cavendish estate and would greatly benefit
    from anybody who has knowledge/ documents/photographs
    of the early nineteenth century era.

    The medieval Pightle also includes a tudor cellar
    of the chenies manor era.
    If anyone has further knowledge – it would
    be greatly appreciated if shared.
    as ever -david

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